Influencing Horse Behavior

by Dr. Jim McCall

Before you train your next horse, read this book.  Don Blazer

This is a good book combining the best in horse training experience with the latest in scientific horse training psychology to be found anywhere.

Dr. Melvin Bradley: Professor Emeritus of Animal Science, University of Missouri

A concise, well-written book on equine behavior and its application to horse training, which does a nice job applying the technical principles to the training of horses.

Dr Robert M. Miller, DVM, author of IMPRINT TRAINING

Jim knows what he's talking about and has illustrated it in a very readable way."

Dr. Robert Lawrence, Director, Equine Industry Program , University of Louisville, Ky.

Influencing Horse Behavior - A Natural Approach to Training is packed full of wonderful stories which help explain the fundamentals of how to manipulate horse behavior.

This primer on Horse Psychology 101 is written by one of the leading gurus of equine behavior. Dr. Jim McCall has studied the behavior of horses for over fifty years. He has professionally trained horses for over forty years including competitive horses from all the major breeds for both English and Western events as well as race horses.

In addition, Dr. McCall has also spent thirty years in university classrooms teaching the principles of influencing horse behavior which he has learned ( and continues to learn) from his lifetime of training and working with horses.

It is from this wide range of experiences that Dr. McCall drew upon for the creation of this unique book. McCall believes that by understanding simple universal concepts of behavior modification, everyone can be a more successful trainer. These fundamental concepts include:

  • signals that tell a horse what behaviors are acceptable

  • four ways to eliminate undesirable behaviors

  • the difference between desensitization and flooding techniques

  • how to avoid driving a horse into learned helplessness

  • the power of positive training and the rewards that maintain it

ISBN 0-931866-37-5, softbound, photographs, illustrations, 6x9, $16.95

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