Tippy Toe Plan 2016 Shipped Semen Breeding Contract

This agreement is by and between The Old Place, hereinafter referred to as Stallion Owner and/or Manager and ___________________________________, hereinafter referred to as Mare Owner. Stallion Owner hereby agrees to breed the Quarter Horse Stallion, Tippy Toe Plan, to the mare, ____________________________________________ BREED ______________ REGISTRATION NO. ______________________SIRE _________________________________ DAM, ____________________________ which is owned or leased by Mare Owner during the breeding season of 2016.

Mare Owner hereby agrees to pay the following fees for service pursuant to this agreement.

A stud fee of $750.00 shall be charged.

A nonrefundable chute fee of $350.00 shall be due upon the signing of the contract. The remaining $750.00 stud fee is due and payable before the shipping of semen.

There will no charge for the first shipment of stallion semen. If necessary, a fee of $200.00 shall be charged for the Second and subsequent shipments of semen.

The stallion manager will ship semen upon demand Monday through Friday for delivery Tuesday through Saturday assuming that FEDEX is operational . The mare owner must call before 10:00 a.m CST the morning the shipment is needed. The stallion owner is not responsible for acts of God, other uncontrollable events or holidays determined by UPS or FEDEX which may affect shipping schedules.

Shipments by Air may be possible through DELTA or Continental  Airlines. Courier fees and additional airline fees shall apply.

Semen is normally transported in an disposable shipper.  If an equitainer is used for the shipment, a $250 deposit for the shipping container is also necessary.

Mare Owner agrees to pay all applicable fees prior to the shipment of semen.

Stallion owner hereby guarantees to the Mare Owner that a live foal will result from the breeding privilege herein granted The term "live foal" means that the foal stands alone, nurses and lives for twenty-four (24) hours. If a live foal does not result from the breeding, the Mare Owner will be entitled to rebreed the mare under this contract for a period of one year with the payment of an additional $350 non-refundable chute fee as long as the Mare Owner delivers to the Stallion Owner a statement from a licensed veterinarian within fourteen (14) days substantiating the failure of the mare to produce a live foal.

It is agreed by the parties hereto that if the aforestated stallion should die, be sold or become unfit for breeding before serving aforestated mare, or if aforestated mare should die, be sold or become unfit for breeding before served, this agreement is and shall be null and void.

This agreement and all covenants and agreements herein contained shall accrue to and be binding upon the parties hereto, their heirs, successors, administrators, and executors. Upon material breach of this agreement by one party, the other party may terminate same. No modification of this agreement shall be binding unless in writing and executed by the parties hereto. This agreement is subject to the laws of the state of Arkansas, executed on _________________________________.

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